Stylish rims for the V class and the Vito 447

At VanSports, we have set ourselves the goal of putting our own stamp on each Mercedes-Benz van. Because the rim and tire combination is one of the most distinctive visual features of every car, not just vans. With our now custom-made alloy wheels, we offer every van owner the opportunity to choose from a variety of inch sizes and variants to find the perfect model. You can discover and buy our tuning rims for the Vito w447 or the V class in our online shop.
Our rims can be freely combined with tires of various dimensions and also with winter and summer tires. With the rims from VanSports for the V-Class and the Mercedes Benz Vito w447 you get a real AMG look for your van too. All our rims are original VanSports items and new available in our shop by ordering.

Subtle upgrade with new rims for the V Class and Vito

Whether a subtle visual enhancement or an impressive appearance, our rims create your unique design for your vehicle. Customize your vehicle in a timeless style in the classic colors of silver and black, or gray, as well as polished or matt. We also have the matching original rims for the commercial vehicle brother of the V-Class, the Vito 447: thanks to our design, the rims also withstand the higher loads of the Vito and are ideally suited for use on a commercial vehicle.

On request, we at VanSports will of course deliver the right rims or aluminum rims for your Mercedes V-Class directly to your home.


Sport suspension system

Mercedes Sportfedern

Air suspension


All figures show individualization measures according to the regulations of the StVZO for changes to vehicles in traffic.