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Mercedes X-Class - stainless steel accessories: Unique look and more safety

X-Class stainless steel accessories are among the most popular tuning parts for the corresponding model series from Mercedes. The offers ensure a special look of the vehicles. At the same time they increase security. At Hartmann you will find corresponding X-Class tuning parts.

X-Class stainless steel accessories: Because the eye moves with

Stainless steel offers a distinctive, high quality look. The material shines in a pure and pure color. It flatters the eye in this way. At the same time it harmonizes with other colors easily. X-Class stainless steel accessories are therefore ideal for a corresponding Van tuning. For example, X-class stainless steel footboard pads expertly enhance the look of your vehicle. Of course, this also applies to the other accessories made of this material, which you can purchase here at Hartmann for your Mercedes X-Class.

X-Class stainless steel accessories for more safety

Stainless steel is not only a beautiful, but also a very robust material. You can also take advantage of this fact. You can, for example, buy a Mercedes bumper protection made of stainless steel for vehicle here with us. Also available are Mercedes X-Class door sills made of high-quality metal.

Do you have questions, special requests or do you need a different kind of support? Are you looking for not only Mercedes stainless steel accessories but also other X-Class tuning parts? Are you unsure if our offers are actually compatible with your vehicle? We are happy to handle your request! Just call us now or write us!